Chemical product labelling

Create your label templates

In the different models and formats that you need.

Include variable content

You can include GHS/CLP classification elements like traceability data, bar codes or QR codes, additional texts, images, etc.

Issue your labels

Stop worrying about regulatory content, it will always be up to date. Add additional data or link eQgest to other systems to obtain their data automatically.

Adapt the labelling module to your needs

Everything eQgest’s GHS labelling module can do

Label printing module

eQgest’s labelling module was designed to be used in warehouses or production plants. Moreover, users will have access to other useful product data, such as its corresponding ADR labelling.

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Label printing integrated with your ERP

By integrating this module with your company’s ERP or production control system, we can issue labels by selecting the manufacturing order or batch number. eQgest knows products’ regulatory information and also collects other data like batch number, manufacture date, expiry date, weight, etc.

Link eQgest with your platforms to maximise efficiency with the lowest error rate.

  • Launch labels from your ERP or other production systems

  • Automatically fill label info with eQgest's direct connection to ERP/Production Program.

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