Automate creating and managing SDS

Products and composition

Detail your product’s composition and ingredients and enter all the technical data you know.

Check the results

Check SDS in the languages and GHS adaptation of the countries you need.

Confirm and save your SDS

Your SDS will be saved and available in the history with all the versions you generate.

Adapt the sds module to your needs

Improve safety data sheet management

Automated SDS delivery

An effective solution to automate submitting Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to your clients, in line with any regulation changes:

  • You’ll strictly comply with Article 31 of REACH and ECHA’s recommendations.

  • Email the document to your clients.

  • Save client and product data on your system without worrying about sensitive data falling into the hands of third parties.

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Issue your SDS that meet with each country’s regulations

The Globally Harmonised System (GHS) provides a common language for classifying and labelling chemicals and mixtures. However, each country or area of the world implements different revised editions of the system, taking into account amendments. With our additional module, you can issue your SDS in accordance with different GHS adaptations.

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