The eQgest solution: Safety Data Sheet Software

eQgest solution


Documentation to transport dangerous goods in compliance with the ADR regulation

Create basic client and product data

If you don’t prepare your products with eQgest, allocate ADR classification data to them.

Create your shipments

Include destination and product data, or if you link eQgest to your management program, automatically apply your orders and delivery notes.

Issue documentation

Generate your road waybills or multimodal waybills and any other documents you need to transport your ADR goods.

What does the ADR documentation module include?

Issue all the documentation you need to transport and dispatch dangerous goods in compliance with the ADR regulation, such as:

  • Waybills

  • Multimodal waybills

  • Written instructions

  • Checklists

  • Limited quantity reports

  • Delivery labels

  • ADR and UN No. label list

  • ADR classification assistant

  • Generate waybills by manually inputting the data or importing delivery notes from your management software.

  • Latest version ADR databases and parameters.

  • The program identifies the ADR exemptions that could be applicable to loads.

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