Check out what eQgest can offer you:

  • Substance and mixture classification

  • Unlimited access to a comprehensive substance database

  • Unrestricted number of products

  • Country’s official GHS regulation

  • Create and manage Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

  • Generate ADR documentation

  • GHS labelling

  • Harmonised PCN format

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Our safety data sheet creation software is a customisable, scalable solution:

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Create Safety Data Sheets in just a few seconds, send them to your clients, and manage and revise them with the most intuitive tool.

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ADR module

Generate all the documentation you need to transport dangerous goods.

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CLP labelling module

Design and print labels quickly and easily, complying with the GHS regulation.

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Automated SDS delivery module

Comply with Article 31 of REACH and automate sending SDS to your clients.

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Comply with Article 45 of CLP and Annex VIII (EU Regulation No. 2017/542), generate and automatically submit PCN dossiers.

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GHS Adaptations

Platform adapted to other countries’ current regulations

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Extend your reach and optimise processes

eQgest includes features that adapt to each company’s needs.

Integrated with other systems

Link eQgest with your ERP or your production control system

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Include additional users

Reach additional concurrent users

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Available in different languages

Available in all EU languages, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and many more.

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Adapted to international regulations

Comply with the GHS regulation in the countries where you market your products.

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